More Than Just a DJ

When you think of a DJ, you might think of someone who just plays music. Here at MixMaster Entertainment Services, we are far more than just a “DJ” but a full service entertainment company that offers so much more than “just music” Take a look at the examples below.

Audio Guest Book
glow sticks
Foam LED Glow Sticks
Shadow Entrance
Customized Monograms
dancing on the clouds
Dancing on the clouds
Ceremony audio
Ceremony Audio
Bride and Groom posing with The Little Retro PhotoBooth
The little Retro PhotoBooth


Make your event unique and like no other by adding a custom
Monogram/logo on the dance floor or wall. Fully customize it with your name,
Date, and/or image. Bring color into play by adding a color gel.

We will work with you one-on-one to help create that special look that
is just what you’re looking for. You will be able to choose from fonts and more.
A custom monogram is not just for weddings! It can be for anything.

From birthdays, to anniversaries to so much more.
Call us today to see how we can create a custom image for your next event.

click on the link below for monogram samples (from weddings to birthdays and more)


Photo compliments of Times Eye Photography

Be different from everyone else! Make your dreams come true!

Have you ever dreamed of being on a cloud? How about dancing on one? Now this dream can come true! Imagine as you (the newlyweds) come to the center of the dance floor and as you start your first dance a big white fluffy cloud covers the entire dance floor. Now it can be done!

This is a fantastic photo opportunity. Dancing on the clouds will have your guests running for their cameras for your first dance. Just imgine all the memories that will be made.

So what exactly is the cloud? and how is it made?

The cloud is made up of hot water and dry ice.

We bring out a special machine during your first dances that will make the cloud by allowing water to warm up to be hot enough that when we throw in the dry ice it forces it from the machine making the illusion of a big white fluffy cloud. The cloud will stay low to the ground and will not raise above your waist (most times not above your knees) which in return means no setting off smoke alarms.

The cloud contains no harmful chemicals or oil and is made up of water and dry ice. So give the illusion that you are dancing on the clouds that your guest will be talking about. Ask about how we can add this on to any service and group together for a package deal. contact us today!

photo-1Share the special moments of how you’ve became to be with friends and family!

We help to compile photos from various years to make up a perfect slideshow timed just right to music. But why stop there? that would just be a “slideshow” Now let us help to create a “love story” we come up with a list of questions in which we will ask you in a interview on camera creating short video clips in which we can add to the mix.

By taking photos and video clips and adding music to the mix we can help to create a love story telling all your family and friends about you and how you both have become one.

This is truly something that can create that warm fuzzy feeling inside when being viewed by everyone in the room on our big 10 foot video screen that everyone will be able to see. Capturing the special moments in life and bringing them to life on the big screen is truly an amazing experience.

Not just for weddings….

ask us how we can create a custom slideshow for birthdays, anniversary’s and more.

Check out a sample below:

Below you will find full length love story samples….


Paint the wall in colors to create that “WOW” factor. Incorporate your favorite colors to truly make the room look beautiful. Take something that looks plain and dual and add some color excitement to it. uplighting difference watermarked  

Introducing our  photobooth!

Features that we include!

  • Open Air Style, Expandable widths
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Can accommodate larger groups – We have even fit as many as 22 people in at a time
  • Unlimited printing for the duration of the event
  • Prints come in 2”x 6” strips
  • Props included
  • Photos posted online after event (password protected)
  • Booth is manned by a staff member to keep everything clean and running smoothly

Upgrades available

  • Video booth (have your guests record a special message)
  • 4″ x 6″ photos with custom layout
  • Voice prompts
  • Scrapbook
  • Social media ingratiation
  • Custom Flash Drive

img_3852-editDon’t want to get married in a church? Want to get married outside or on the beach? Awesome! Now you might not of thought about it, but what about music when you walk down the aisle?  More importantly how is everyone going to hear you say your vows? At MixMaster Entertainment Services we have you covered. We’ve provided sound for many wedding ceremonies throughout our career. If you’re thinking about getting married outdoors where there is limited to no power, don’t worry we will have you covered using our state of the art portable PA system that is both wireless and battery powered down to the wireless lapel microphone. No more will you have guests saying we couldn’t hear anything at the ceremony. Those days are long gone when you hire MixMaster Entertainment Services to provide sound for your wedding ceremony.

Taking the guestbook experience to a whole other level. Traditionally guests would sign their name and write a small message in your guestbook. This retro style phone allows your guests to pickup the phone, hear a greeting and then record a message after the beep. After they are done with their message, they simply hang up and it will save. You will then receive all the audio files with voices of all your family and friends telling funny stories, sharing memories, and willing you well. 

Using a large white screen, We put a projector / light source behind and shine on the screen to create a big white box. When you go in front of the screen, you will now see your shadow. This makes for a unique custom entrance