Robert & Adriane | Carmens Country Inn & Gardens | Drums, PA

So where exactly do I begin with this one? Let’s start off by saying wow what a night this was! We traveled all the way from Williamsport out to Drums, PA which is about a hour and half long road trip or so that I throughly enjoyed. Robert & Adriane are a young and fun couple who know how to have a good time…. and a good time we had celebrating their love and happiness. 

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Steve & Liz | Frosty Valley Country Club | Danville, PA

Such a beautiful day it turned out to be for a beautiful couple. Speaking of beautiful, the whole day was perfect and very beautiful in its own special way. I can’t begin to tell you how well organized Liz truly is… it’s almost like she is a secretary or something that has mad organizing skills and knows exactly how she wants things. 

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Louis & Jennifer | Clinton Township Firehall | Montgomery, PA

What do you do to make a fire hall wedding reception look over the top fabulous? Well you do what Jennifer did and add in some glitter’n’glam (pun intended). No but really The Clinton Township Firehall is already a pretty nice updated firehall but we just took it to the next level by adding in some purple uplighting and a customized monogram that really made it stand out. I’ve been helping plan Louis and Jennifer’s wedding for over a year! (that’s right folks people DO book that far in advance)…

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