1. Can toss both Garter and Bouquet at the same time. (have ladies on one side of the dance floor, and the men on the other. Bride & Groom face each other and toss at the same time)

  2.  Can place a $10 or $20 bill in the garter to “Sweeten the pot”.

  3.  The groom before he starts to take off the garter is handed a “Miners Hat with Working Light”. Stating that it is dark under the full length dress. This works best with a full length white dress. The light will make the dress glow and everyone can see the light move throughout the dress, but nothing else…

  4.  Black Garter Toss – This must be planned with your DJ before the event. If you do not have a lot of single friends or do not wish to embarrass anyone this may be an alternate to the garter toss. Your MC invites the groom to the dance floor. Then asks for all the married men to the floor. The groom tosses the garter to the married men. At this point The MC tells the catcher that the garter may be placed on his wife’s leg…in the privacy of their home/room. The Bride invites a special friend to the floor and gives her the bouquet.

  5.  Garter Gag – This must be pre-planned with Your DJ before the event, Preferred several weeks before the event. The Catcher of the Bouquet sits in a chair on the center of the dance floor… as the catcher of the garter (standing in front of the catcher of the bouquet) is blind folded, we then swap the catcher of the bouquet in the chair with a gentleman (the hairier the legs the better), we then explain to the catcher of the garter that he will be required to put the garter on “HER” leg… the higher he goes, the more fun the Bride and Groom will have on their honeymoon (the more money they’ll make in a lifetime, the more children they’ll have, just to name a few more).

  6.  Bride presents the Bouquet. (can be to a grandparent or friend)

  7.  Invite all the married women to the floor. Then start eliminating them by asking “all the women married one year or fewer steps to the edge of the dance floor” and so on until there is only one woman left (the bride stays on the floor the whole time). Find out how long she has been married and hand her the bouquet.

  8.  The bride stands in the middle of the floor and is blindfolded. The single ladies make a circle around her. The bride spins in one direction and the ladies rotate around her in the opposite directions. When the music stops everyone stops moving and the one the bride is facing is the one to get the bouquet.

  9.  A classic game of “hot potato” when the music stops, whoever has the bouquet or garter will win (or loose) depending upon how you look at it.

  10.  For the garter, have all the guys grab their drinks and report to the dance floor. Have the MC announce that the last one to finish their drink receives the garter.

  11.  Card/Sticker under a random chair. Whomever has the sticker gets the bouquet or garter.

  12.  Football or Basketball (must be planned in advanced) We can provide a small soft (nerf type) ball that you’ll put the garter around. Before throwing the ball we normally ask that you sign the ball with your names and wedding date as an extra souvenir.

Listed below are ideas for your buffet line / food stations

  1. Trivia: Guests will be asked trivia questions that pertain to the bride and groom. The first table to buzz in gets the chance to answer. If they answer correct, They may go to the buffet line. If they answer wrong, They must then choose a table number that will go next. If anyone calls out the answer, They will be last to go to the buffet line.

  2. Random Objects: I’ll ask for everyday random objects such as: $20 bill, receipt, chap stick/lip balm, etc. The first person to race up to me and put the object in my hand will will the right to go to the buffet line. (them and their table) (this can make for some funny candid photos from your photographer)

  3. Spin to win: Let us know how many tables there is. We will have a wheel in which you or I can spin. Whichever number it lands on, that table number will go. We can also do this by means of a random number generator should you not want to use a spinner.
  4. Musical tables: Rather than table numbers, have each of your tables as a different song title. Place your gusts who will know that song very well at those tables. Example have grandparents at table “Can’t help falling in love” or have Uncle Joe at table “Back in black” When that song plays they will know its their turn to go to the buffet line and when the line dies down we will then start to play the next song. Now say the song ends before the line dies down, we just play a song that is not a table song.

  1. Personalized Introduction: In the “info” space give me some information about that person. This information can be anything from how tall they are, favorite movie or color, hobbies, nicknames, or even how you’ve meant. Personalize it and give them a GRAND Introduction!!

  2. Musical Introductions: For each person (or couple) pick out a song that they might like to be introduced with. (this will be a short 20 or so second clip: normally the chorus of the song) This song may be there favorite song or something that will help set the mood for the night. For introduction song ideas please click the link above in that section

  3. Teams: Your wedding party may feel uncomfortable walking in with another person they really don’t know. Rather than having the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk in as a couple we suggest using teams. Team Bride (all the bridesmaids) and Team Groom (all the groomsmen). We would announce representing team bride here is Mrs. Jane Doe or representing team groom Mr. John Smith.
  4. Wedding party roast: Do you have any dirt on your wedding party members? Any jokes between you? Call them out and roast them as we introduce them into the reception. 
  1. Pick one slow song, and one fast song to end the night on.

  2. Sparkler exit: (outside only)- While you are still inside have your guests grab a sparkler and line up outside forming to rows. Instruct the DJ to which song you will be exiting to (also have a speaker setup outside if possible) as the music starts and the sparklers are lit you will make your exit. **please note to order longer sparklers.. I’ve included a link: Buy / Order Sparklers Here

Ever been to a wedding where guest cling on the glasses to get the couple to kiss? don’t like this? Here are some other ideas.

  1. Instead of clinging the glasses, Have the MC instruct guests that in order for the couple to kiss, you must stand at your table and sing a song with the word “love” in it.

  2. Have a trivia contest: (if this is a interest to you, please let me know so that I can add a questionnaire to your account). If someone would like the couple to kiss they must answer a trivia question about the couple. Good questions are like… The day the bride was born? What city did the groom grow up? etc.

  3. Roll the dice- Have big dice (which I can provide) or have a spinner. If the person that wants you to kiss rolls a even (or odd) number depending on which you choose and have setup, then and only then will the couple kiss.

  • Remote Control Game: Usually after the bouquet/garter toss. The bride and groom sit on chairs back to back. I’ll ask the best-man and maid of honor to come up and help with this. They are each given a roll of toilet paper on a rod that either the best-man or maid of honor holds for the bride and groom. The MC will announce that the race is for control of the TV remote for the next six months. The first to unroll all of the toilet paper wins. Audience applause will determine a tie.

  • Shoelywed game: The Bride and Groom stand back to back and are asked to take off their shoes. This works really well at the end of the night when you want to take your shoes off anyway.They give each other one of their shoes and keeps one for themselves. The couple is then asked questions like: Who controls the checkbook? Who does the laundry? Who does the cooking? etc. The Bride & Groom respond back by holding up the appropriate shoe.