Liberty, PA: Cody & Kristine’s non-stop dancing reception


welcome to cody and kristine's wedding


Not all of my weddings are in town where my base location is. A lot of the times we travel a short distance such as for this wedding was about a 35 minute drive. Maybe it was the beautiful weather? Maybe it was just because there was so much love shared on this day? either way there was a lot of dancing!!! non-stop dancing that is. There was not a minute that the dance floor was not packed……

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Watsontown- Sharon & Mitchel’s Wedding


Another wedding down and in the books. This time we traveled a short drive to a small town called Watsontown to the beautiful Watson Inn. For those of you that don’t know the Watson Inn is not only a bar/restaurant but a place to stay that offers rooms to guests. They also host many events downstairs in the few rooms that they have. 

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