Zac & Mackenzie as well as all the guests they invited were really fun to work with! Taking place on the outskirts of Bloomsburg, PA the wedding took place at the Barn at hidden acres, A barn that was converted into a reception venue. The nice thing about this barn is it gives it that old rustic look which makes it great for photos. 

For the ceremony my key role was to only provide a microphone for our groom Zac so that everyone heard the vows. As far as the music goes our couple knew a bagpipe player which really was quite unique. For the reception portion of the event we had a lot of dancing! I really can’t remember a time where there was no dancing at all and it seemed everyone had a blast. At one point in the night we had people jumping and stomping their feet that my laptop and DJ booth was shaking… even the speakers. I thought that the floor was going to cave in.

Normally when we do a wedding the wedding is seriously all about our bride and groom but today our bride Mackenzie wanted to do something special for her father who was also celebrating his birthday today. As soon as Mackenzie finished up her dance with her father our Groom Zac came over with a cake to present to him as we all sung happy birthday to him.

Shortly after this point people started to go onto the dance floor for a slow song in-between activity sets so I knew since I already had a group of people on our dance floor that it would be the perfect time to do something special. After our slow song I asked Zac & Mackenzie to the center of the dance floor and asked all guests to join in making a big circle around our couple. I said “everybody please come up to the dance floor as we would like to share a very special moment for our newly married couple Zac & Mackenzie. Put your arms around one another and feel the love we are about to create” Now I knew Zac & Mackenzie loved country music so this was perfect. I said to our couple “wow look around you Zac & Mackenzie. Look at everyone who came out here today to celebrate with you. I want you to feel the love because its about to happen”

I played the song Friends in low places but custom edited and embedded the toasts/speeches into the song. Everyone sung along to this great loving moment. Take a look at the photos and the almost 20 minute video below of all the DANCING!!! we had a blast and I wish the best for Mackenzie & Zac. Congratulations.