So whats better than just one party? ummm well how about two parties? Williamsport DJ- MixMaster Entertainment Services was hired back again this year to help celebrate fun times with the Woolrich store during their Christmas party. The only twist was this year they would have two parties. But why two parties? hmmm you may be wondering…Well the first party took place directly in their store in the back room where they formally had closeout deals and no longer use the space. All the employees as well as their family/kids was invited. Santa & Mrs. Clause even showed up to the party! Kids had the opportunity to get their photo taken with Santa & Mrs. Clause as well as color and make condiments for the the Christmas tree.¬† Oh and the fun part is we got Santa & Mrs. Clause to DANCE!!! We also had a bake off between tasty treats. from cookies to cupcakes and more to which held a drawing for the best in each category. Door prizes was also awards to the kids and employees via a raffle drawing.

For our second party this was held atop of the mountain just a few miles away from the store at the lodge which was absolutely beautiful (just look at the photos below). This was for the employees where they was invited for dinner and dancing. They had a open bar as well. All in all we had a great time with Woolrich. We hope the employees all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year… we hope to see you again next year! and maybe next time for some karaoke? ūüôā

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