What a beautiful day it turned out to be for this wedding! I really don’t think you could’ve asked for a better day… The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony that was held out on the lawn at The Vista (formally Haywood’s On The Water) in Williamsport, PA

For the cocktail hour guests could mingle between the outside deck and the actual reception portion inside. The room was beautifully decorated in fall colors of purple and orange. Dinner was served buffet style and was amazing. For dessert we had the traditional cake but for the guests were cupcakes.

We did all the traditional things such as dollar dance, etc. We even tossed in an anniversary dance. My favorite part about doing this anniversary dance was that we had a very large dance floor! I was able to put Chelsea & Gary in the middle and have all the couples start on one side of the dance floor and slowly have couples move to the other side of the floor depending on how long they’ve been together. This allowed for me to keep the Dance floor packed all night.

Since we had some kids (oh heck who am I kidding… the adults have fun with them too) I brought out the foam LED glow sticks. These are always a big hit and everyone loves them. Guest would cheer and dance to some of their favorite songs including some popular line dances.

Check out some photos and video below. Thanks Gary & Chelsea for having me take part in the success of your special day.