I meant Erica & Jared at a high school senor project wedding expo to help raise funds for autism awareness last year in Lock Haven, PA. After chatting and getting some details and meeting with them outside the expo I knew I had to step up my game (in which I always do) I knew Erica was a tad bit anxious. Originally they told me the wedding reception would take place at the Clear-story at the PJ Factory but then just 2 weeks before the wedding the event changed to the beautiful Acacia Club in Downtown Williamsport.

I must say I’m so glad I brought a partner to help me out with this wedding reception. Normally when I do introductions we do them from one location… but not this time. The way the Acacia club/Scottish Rite building is layout is that it is one big building connected via hallways and many entrances so for the parents and flower girl/ring bear they came in from the bottom main entrance doors to the song “we are family” then quickly the attention was directed to the staircase as from the top the bridal party came into the song “welcome to the jungle” finally your bride and groom came into “white wedding” but not the original by Billy Idol it was a different “harder rock version” of the song. As Erica & Jared reached the bottom of the stairs they had “low laying fog” all around them “the cloud effect” and “high five’d each other”

As everyone was downstairs and around our newlyweds we announced that Jared & Erica would shared their 1st dance together as husband and wife. A special twist to the dance was not only did they dance but they “danced on the clouds” a professional low laying dry ice machine poured out a big thick white fluffy cloud that not only looked awesome but the kids loved it!!!

After dinner we had parent dances and of course we brought enough dry ice for those dances as well…. I actually believe I think I saw Erica cry as she was sharing her dance with her father to “I loved her first” it was such a heart warming moment. check out the photos and video below. Thanks Jared and Erica for having me as your Entertainer I wish you many years of happiness.