IMG_2990Another beautiful wedding! You really want to know what I love most about my job? its the fact that when I’m the DJ Entertainer for a wedding that I have to play for a mix of people. A mix of people? meaning not everyone likes the same type of music. Everybody is different and has different music styles and its my job to satisfy everyone’s music tastes…. that and weddings you can always feel the love that it creates in the room….Beth & Milton originally told me in our planning meeting that this wouldn’t be my normal average wedding. There would be people who have way different music styles that I’m not used to playing. Okay? I asked. We will have different dance sets including a Latin set. music such as Salsa, Reggae, and more. There will be some country, classic rock, and more. We played music from Mark Anthony, Don Omar, and more.

MixMaster Entertainment Services subscribes to a music service not available to the general public. This music service covers over 25 genres of music. check out our music page for more. I really think that the online event planning really worked out for Beth & Milton I would get updates late at night and I think everything came together nicely.

Now not every wedding has to have over 100 guests. Beth & Milton’s wedding was small consisting of close friends and family. The ceremony as well as reception was all held in the same location and then converted over for dinner. Our introductions consisted of only our newlyweds. A small but fun wedding. Take a look at some photos as well as video below.