Well its been some time since we last updated the blog, but for this time around we was hired back again for a second year in a row to entertain for PMF Industries holiday party. The staff at PMF always seem to have a good time and think outside the box when it comes to trying new things.

For there party they had a buffet line style dinner in which they had wanted me to do the “random objects game” with them again. This time management provided me with “a list” of objects I could ask for. The object of the game is the first person to bring me the object that I’m looking for them and their table are allowed to go to the buffet line for dinner. The weirdest thing I think I seen this year was someone actually had toe nail clippers on them.

Something to try with your staff is have them provide pictures of when they were kids, Place a number next to each picture and see how many people they can guess right. PMF did this by means of a slideshow for giving out the answers. Another activity that was done was that they had ornaments wrapped up. When we called their number they would come up and grab a gift (wrapped up ornaments) and had to open it. The next person that was called could either take from the table or steal the one the previous person had. Towards the middle of the game we had a lot of people stealing each others ornament.

You see for your holiday parties you just have to think outside the box. There are many different activities that you can do to create fun and that is exactly what PMF did. Thanks guys for having me back again this year. Have a great 2015.