Okay, So something a little different for us here at MixMaster Entertainment Services. A Bar Mitzvah (a celebration of manhood) took place over the weekend (May 16th 2015) and I must say what a fun experience

It was nice working with both Mitchell as well as his parents. I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to expect this being my first ever bar mitzvah I’ve personally done since I’ve never had a call for one. I’m not sure if they are not in high demand in our area or what?

Before the event I did a ton of research and I what I found was a few things that must be done such as candle lighting and the Hora. I think the chair lift was pretty cool and fun. I found a few new games that I can also play at other parties.

In the beginning we introduced a few special people close to Mitchell and then the Bar Mitzvah boy himself. From there I let him call up all the special people whom he had wanted to light the candles (13 candles in all to celebrate his 13th birthday/the celebration of manhood)

We had a photobooth (or green-screen I should say) (not provided by us) that was pretty neat how that worked I must say. I also did a few up-lighting fixtures to add some color to the room. We played a few games had some blow up party favors and a ton of other fun things. Check out the photos below and watch the video!