We here at MixMaster Entertainment Services also provide add-on’s and customizations for any type of event. That’s right we are not just “DJs” and play music. We are a full entertainment line. Chuck and Jess first meant me (DJ Seth Michael) in a hair Solon I was going to go get my hair cut and low and behold their wedding came up in discussion and I told them and explained what I could do and while they already had a DJ Entertainment for there special day they still called me to ask about the customized wedding monograms that we offered. After meeting with Chuck and Jess they decided to customize a monogram to their liking. We meat with this couple I would say a least 3 times before there day to make sure everything was perfect…. now I normally don’t meet with the couple at the venue and show them what the monogram will look like before their wedding but by their request they wanted to see it and see where it would be placed so of course we did everything possible to make this couple happy. Wouldn’t you say this turned out to be a beautiful add-on to make there wedding decor stand out? You can add it too! We will be sending this gobo steel cut out monogram pattern over to Chuck and Jess in just a few short days after their wedding so its their at their doorstep once they return from their honeymoon. They will then be able to hang it from there Christmas tree during the holidays or whatever they choose to do to remember their special day when they became one.