Another wedding down and in the books. This time we traveled a short drive to a small town called Watsontown to the beautiful Watson Inn. For those of you that don’t know the Watson Inn is not only a bar/restaurant but a place to stay that offers rooms to guests. They also host many events downstairs in the few rooms that they have. For the reception we was in the moon room and divided across the room was where the ceremony would take place. I was sure to get to the venue long enough to give me time to setup as you can never be too early. About 10 minutes before the ceremony was to take place the photographer had came up to to me asking for a favor on how I could help save the day…. and of course we accepted the challenge. Being a DJ and in the Entertainment business I must say this. A lot of the time people think of a DJ as just someone who plays music but we are in fact far more than that. We are MCs and planners and good professional vendors work together to get the job done without anyone knowing.

For the ceremony we had some pipe and drape that served as a backdrop but unfortunately being that the drape was white and there was a window behind it the sun shined in and really created a headache for the photographer but thanks to our quick thinking we came up with a solution to block the sunlight for the perfect shots. This my friends is what you call teamwork and I love to work with other vendors as well as my brides and grooms to make there day unforgettable.

So back to the reception portion of the event. Sharon and Mitchel had a photo booth that I believe was a big hit with all the guests. While not at every wedding will there be a lot of dancing it don’t have to be about a packed dance floor but the fact that everyone shares a special moment with our newlyweds. Can you feel the love in the room? This is exactly what we did. we created a fun event for our bride and groom and I would like to wish them many years of happiness. Thank you. Take a look at the photos and video below.