Some of the best type of events is when you make a lasting impression. The type of impression that when your “clients” become more than just “clients” but “friends” a least thats what I always try to do here, because I want people to know I’m the type of person that is passionate about what I do. I love to personalize each and every event that I do… big or small. You might remember if you look back upon my blogs from not too long ago that I Entertained for Jame’s wedding. 

Shortly after James & Carla’s wedding, Carla had contacted me via a Facebook message saying she wanted to hire me again but this time to DJ for James surprise birthday party… not only was it his birthday but it was also his mothers birthday as well. Carla had to secretly plan it telling James she was planning a surprise birthday party for his mom and telling his mom she was planning a surprise birthday party for James. (see what she did there?)

The party was mostly just a small gathering of family and really close friends. They had a buffet dinner, cake, gifts and enjoyed the music. Also we had a small little picture slideshow to add a tad bit of spice to the night. Thanks for having me… take a look at the photos and video below.