What happens when great minds share great ideas? An awesome winter wonderland themed wedding takes place. Sarah originally contacted me regarding her upcoming wedding that was to take place in December, and after finding out she was into theater and a drama student I knew she had the talents to create a beautiful wedding. She had the passion and was not afraid to have fun…The rest from there fell into place. After hiring MixMaster Entertainment Services we immediately began the planning process. We offered some great ideas that Zach & Sarah loved and wanted to incorporate into their wedding. From meeting with Zach & Sarah a few times and even going to their Jersey Shore home I knew that this was just more than me performing for the wedding. I knew that Zach & Sarah became part of the MixMaster Entertainment Services family with the friendship we began to build.

Some of the ideas that we first shared with Zach & Sarah was the fact to do customized wedding introductions. Rather than just announcing the names of the wedding party we spiced things up with songs for each of the wedding party couple to come into, and truly this was great because some of the songs just went along with the couple. I was told that the one couple that came out was kinda confusing because the one bridesmaids liked and had a crush on the groomsmen but we was unsure what his thoughts was… so they came out to the song “call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Now if you can imagine how that went over just imagine the other songs. Another great thing that made this wedding party so awesome was that they all rehearsed a special bridal party dance.

Aside from the introductions Zach & Sarah had their wedding at the beautiful Valley Inn South Williamsport and everything was beautifully decorated. For all the guests they had a chocolate bar!! complete with rice krispie treats, chocolate fountain, strawberries, and more… talk about a yummy treat. The dinner was also awesome a sit down dinner catered by The Valley Inn. A string quartet played for the dinner hour so while they played we did some secret behind the scenes work.

Now you may be wondering what is so secret that you was working on? Well….. lets say this: While the toasts where being made we secretly took one of the main master outputs of our mixer into a device to record the toasts in which we then took and edited the toasts and put them over a song towards the end of the night. We had everyone who remained towards the end of the night gather into a big circle and share a special dance.

So many great things happened this day. Such as doing a anniversary dance to see who was the longest married couple, the football garter toss. Sarah & Zach signed the football and put their wedding date on the ball and played the NFL Football theme…. and as you know normally the lady who catches the bouquet sits in the chair as the guy who caught the garter then puts it on her leg? well this time we did things just a tad bit different. We sat the lady in the chair but then blindfolded the guy who caught the garter, all while switching out the lady for the groom. We played some sexy music and bam things got a little shall I say “hairy”

Being that Sarah was a drama theater student she opted for some great things to do for her first dance with Zach. She wanted to “Dance on the clouds” but also “make it snow” Sarah provided to us snow machines that produced what looks like snow. So imagine as Zach & Sarah started to dance all of a sudden a big white fluffy cloud came into place with the awesome dance moves they had. Now if that didn’t get a awww or wow imagine all of a sudden it started to snow! that created some awesome photos that I seen first hand from the photographer.  Sarah and Zach also shared a dance with their parents, and for Sarah we did something special for her dance with her father.

A newly started doing things called customized voice overs. When I had my final meeting with Zach & Sarah I suggested what I could do and Sarah said she loved the idea. We recorded Sarah’s voice and then took and incorporated her voice into the song with her father. This can create some emotions for everyone in the room. It’s truly heartfelt and I loved everything that we could do for this couple.

I wish the very best for Zach & Sarah in the years to come. I thank you for having myself with MixMaster Entertainment Services take apart of your special day. Take a look at the photos below as well as video from the wedding.

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