I’m so glad I got to share this special day with Ryan & Natalie. I worked with Natalie back when she used to travel to Williamsport everyday for her job as an RN at Susquehanna Health. I got to know her though work and while I didn’t formally know Ryan I would hear a lot of great things about him. Ryan & Natalie have know each other for along time, they went to high school together and this is where they meant. When I first began to start to know Natalie, Ryan and her was still “just dating” even though Natalie was really hoping for more. 

One day Natalie told me about a trip her and Ryan were going to take. It was going to be a cruise and she was hoping for something to happen on that trip… I believe I called it when I told her “Ryan is going to wait to propose until that cruise” Sure enough I was right. I can’t remember the exact timeframe but it was shortly thereafter that I told Natalie, should you need any help planning your wedding to let me know. Sure enough Natalie, Myself, and Ryan found ourselves meeting and discussing ideas for their wedding. Most of the wedding planning was done over facebook messenger and emails since Natalie had left her job at Susquehanna Health and went on to work for the hospital in State College.

Natalie is the type of person who likes to have fun and so therefore she came to me with an idea that I would have to keep secret and help to plan by doing a lot of behind the scenes work. This would require a lot of editing and planning, but once finished it would turn into one of the highlights of the night. Natalie decided to do a “special dance” with her father. You can watch it in the video below. The day before the wedding I would come to State College and do a walk thru of how the wedding ceremony would look. I spent numerous hours preparing to make this a day to remember because I always want the best for my clients and I always share a passion and a lot of love for my clients and what I do. I can’t say I’m always perfect, but so long as guests had a good time and our couple Natalie and Ryan had a good time, I feel that what matters the most. Reviewing all my video footage, We had the dance floor pretty much packed the entire night. Take a look at the video and some pictures we captured below. Thank you Ryan & Natalie for trusting me and having me apart of your special day, y’all looked fabulous.