So where exactly do I begin with this one? Let’s start off by saying wow what a night this was! We traveled all the way from Williamsport out to Drums, PA which is about a hour and half long road trip or so that I throughly enjoyed. Robert & Adriane are a young and fun couple who know how to have a good time…. and a good time we had celebrating their love and happiness. 

Not only did we provide the DJ & MC for them but we also provided our ceremony audio services as well as the photobooth. I remember I was faced with some challenges however when it came to the ceremony but we made it through. You see the venue has a spot outside for you to host your wedding ceremony which was beautiful. The problem with outdoor ceremonies are it can rain and then what? Well Adriane had dreamed and wanted her ceremony outside but when it came time for the ceremony it had rained and by rain I don’t mean a few sprinkles of rain. We were up against a challenge as originally it wasn’t raining and we were setting up for an outdoor ceremony but when it started to rain we called to have the ceremony indoors so I had to setup everything for our ceremony indoors but then like that magic happened 5 minutes before the schedule ceremony time it stopped raining and then we was back on to have an outdoor ceremony so then we had to go and setup back outside…. and while we were delayed by 10-15 minutes we made it happen for this happy couple. This is what its all about folks… doing whatever it takes to make this wedding couple happy.

When it came time for the reception, We all had a blast. The photoBooth was a big hit, everyone was up and dancing and having a good time. Take a look at the photos and video posted below.