Zach & Heidi both grew up on a dairy farm about 40 minutes from each other never knowing it until the day they meant in college at Penn State University. Both Heidi & Zach took up similar majors during school it wasn’t until the field trip out to Washington State for the dairy science club when they started to talk to each other. The conversation went as so: “Hey, Your from Tioga County? Me too!” from there they started talking more regularly and this would be a start of what would become a everlasting friendship.

Zach & Heidi held their wedding on a farm in Morris, PA. taking place inside a old barn. All of family and close friends gathered to celebrate a special day. Not much dancing took place but that didn’t mean that people did not have fun and enjoy themselves sometimes even the smallest laid back weddings can be the most fun.

For the garter toss Zach used a football that was signed by both him and Heidi along with the wedding date and as he was getting ready to toss it we played the PSU fight song. We even had a anniversary dance where the longest couple of 39 years gave our newlyweds some advice. check out the photos and video below.

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