A very non-traditional type wedding, but totally fun and outgoing. This is exactly what Wes & Jenn had at their outdoor wedding held at the Four Friends Winery in Montgomery, PA. I was totally blown away by all the dancing and how much fun I had let alone all the guests.Both the ceremony as well as reception were held at the same location. Everything was totally outside and you couldn’t of asked for a nicer day than today. Sure it was hot, but everything turned out so beautifully. Now for most wedding receptions you will do a bridal party introductions, dollar dance, maybe even a bouquet and garter toss…. but not for this wedding. In fact the only introduction I gave was to our newly married couple Wes & Jenn. By doing so Wes & Jenn were able to enjoy the cocktail hour with all of their guests… the introduction came when they were about to do the first dance together as husband and wife.

Jenn even told me during their planning process that she didn’t want everyone looking at here weird and didn’t want a long song for the parent dances, so for the parent dances we played a song that both Jenn could dance with her father and Wes could dance with his mother all at the same time. That’s right both Jenn and her father as well as Wes and his mother took over the dance floor for parent dances together as a whole.

Now while you might be thinking well why wouldn’t you want to do a dollar dance or anything else of the traditional fun? what did you do? ummm… DANCED is what we did. We packed the dance floor and even went into overtime for this couple. I think my favorite part of the night is when I threw in a 90’s throwback song and everyone started cheering and singing along. Everyone gets like “oh my this is my jam” that they totally forgot about.

Check out the video and photos below. They always say 1,000 words. ūüôā