couple photo

What a cute and happy couple I got to work with today! Shelby & Nick celebrated their reception at the Clinton Township Fire Hall… now when you think of a fire / social hall you think maybe of a wedding from the 80’s or 90’s right? because now a days a lot of weddings are held in upscale banquet halls or barns… well this was no “90’s fire hall” this was beautifully decorated. 

You don’t have to “go all out” in order to have a grand wedding celebration… actually some of the most simplest of things can really transform the way things look. For Nick & Shelby we did full pink uplighting, and a customized monogram that was an image from their invitations. After the wedding I sent them their “gobo” from the custom monogram we did… they should be receiving it shortly!

I always tell my clients to personalize your wedding the way you’d like it. Nick had just this crazy idea that was different … and well Shelby knew something was up. Nick had something sneaky up his sleeve in which he consulted with me a few days before the wedding. For our garter retrieval he “went all out” lets say and performed a little act…. see the photos below.

For the garter and bouquet toss that was also very untraditional. Because I don’t believe we had a lot of “single ladies or single guys” for the bouquet we had Shelby stand in the middle of the dance floor and had ALL THE LADIES (married or not) form a big circle around her. We blind folded Shelby and all the ladies would go around in the circle as the music played… once the music stopped whoever was facing our bride won the bouquet. For the garter just a tad bit different (all the guys single or not) was asked to grab their drink and report to the dance floor. Now some needed to refill so they headed to the bar…. a choice that well maybe cost them. As the music was playing we instructed the guys that whomever was the last to finish their drink would have the pleasure of wining the garter… as you can imagine some “chugging” was going on.

All and all a great wedding for a great happy couple. Thanks Nick & Shelby for having me apart of your special day!