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In order to make a wedding reception stand out you have to make it your own make it unquie.. make it ROYAL. That is just what Harry & Miranda did they made it unquie in there own way starting with their first wedding dance as husband and wife….

Miranda & Harrys first wedding dance was a cover of “Bless the broken road” sung by: Sellah Ft Crittenden. That there made things different but what really what set it off was the surprise we was about to give them. I knew that the fire hall we was at had a strict policy not to allow hanging of decorations and tape on the walls so since I knew the photographer and I knew he would get some great snapshot I decided to surprise the bride and groom with “Dancing on the clouds” the whole dancefloor was soon covered in a big white fluffy cloud. It was truly amazing and I know it will show as soon as this couple recieves their wedding photos back.

It was fun to finally be working with Luther Aungst Photography again and below you will see some photos credited towards him and also credited to Joan Flook Segraves (a guest at the reception) you will also find photos and video taken by myself Seth Michael. I can’t wait to see some great photos.

Besides the first dance there was other things that really make this wedding royal. When the bride and groom finally made it to the reception hall it was late and so therefore guests was kind of restless so we was forced to change a few things up so guests could eat. During this time we was very accomdating. For the guests we had a buffet style dinner by Humdingers but what really make this interesting was in order to win your way to the buffet line you had to bring me up a random object in which I was looking for. This quickly got the attention of all the guests and they had a great time playing along.

For the Boquet and Garter toss we changed that up just a tad bit as well. For the removal of the garter we used “the human chair” and then for the garter toss Miranda & Harry signed there names along with their wedding date on a football and wrapped the garter around that all while playing the “NFL Football theme”

All and all I believe everyone had a great time… check out the photos and video below. VIDEO AND MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON!

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