I’m really happy how this day turned out for Mike & Aleese! It was my first time working an event at The Clearstory which is located inside the Pajama Factory. It gives for a industrial feeling since well it used to be a working factory. It’s now home to many art studios and holds many events throughout the year. When first meeting with Mike & Aleese, I got really excited to finally be working at The Clearstory. There is so many venue’s in Williamsport and the surrounding area so really they could of chosen to do their wedding anywhere. The wedding ceremony as well as reception would take place all at the same place. The ceremony would be held downstairs in the courtyard and reception to follow upstairs. The beautiful thing about the ceremony was that you have the nice brick/stone background as a backdrop which really made for some nice photos. Speaking of photos… be sure to check out the wonderful photographer: Keeleyloy Photography. It was surly a pleasure working with her.

Mike & Aleese also contracted me to be able to do uplighting and a customized monogram. To be honest, I was a tad be nervous on how the uplighting would turn out…. but in the end.. it really looked great! (I think the main reason why I was so nervous, was because of all the windows) The uplighting really transformed the way the room looked especially once it started to get darker and well because the building really didn’t have much lighting (as far as dimming and on the dance floor) The uplighting colors we used where a golden yellow and white which all tied into their wedding colors.

For the monogram after having a meeting initially our couple “just wanted their initials” and after me saying “are you sure that’s it?” and them thinking about it and me saying that I can pretty much do anything, we finally came up with a design that I LOVED! be sure to check out that photo! I’ll be sending this custom monogram gobo to them shortly after their wedding, so that they have a special ordainment to place around the house in memory of the wedding.

We had most of all the traditional activities such as a bouquet and garter toss, dollar dance, cake cutting, and then some open dancing with both a few slow songs and fast upbeat songs. Check out the video and photos below. It was a pleasure working with this wonderful couple.