Matt & Laura Wedding-79

While I already had a wedding this year back in March, Today started the wedding that would kick off wedding season. Back to back weddings will be upon me. What a great way to start everything off with this years wedding season with this wedding which put us at 3 hours overtime. 

Originally only scheduled to play until 9pm we extended that by a whopping 3 hours! This crowd was having a blast with non-stop dancing and just having a ton of fun. Besides dancing we had a photobooth as well which was a HUGE hit! Normally after time the photobooth starts to die down but no sooner it would start to die down more people would go over to the booth. Images from the booth would then randomly show up on the wall from our projector.

Besides using the projector for just the photobooth images, we also used it to surprise our groom Matt with a special slideshow that was from the Best man (his brother). I’m so happy to say that I was able to help the best man pull something off that normally wouldn’t get done. I gave a suggestion and well … we made it work. Because the best man didn’t want to speak in front of a large crowd I suggested we record the speech/toast beforehand and put it on top of a picture slideshow. I really think he was happy I was able to make this all happen for not only him but do something special for his brother.

We played musical hits from new to old country to hip hop and had people dancing all night long. Take a look at the video recap below. Also you can view the slideshow from the best man and view photos.

To view photos from wedding:   CLICK HERE

To view photos from the photo-booth: CLICK HERE