Today I had the opportunity to work with some very laid back people who just want to have a nice little party: kick back, relax, and have a little bit of fun. Mike & Toni have been together for 25 years total! (now that’s going strong) and been married for 20 years. Mike called me saying he wanted us to play music for his wedding anniversary. He did not need anything fancy (you don’t always have to be fancy to have fun) just something laid back and fun. He gathered up his friends and family and had a get together for everyone. We was there to play music and make sure everyone had a enjoyable time.  They had food, drinks and CAKE! (a lot of it too)

for the 1st half of the night things took off a tad bit slow. (as people was eating and whatknot) After we got Mike and Toni to come to the center of the floor and dance to their special song  many years later it was then that we got everyone up and dancing. Even the kids had a blast. Check out the photos and video below.

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