lizjared-66Now I know I haven’t blogged in awhile and so therefore I need to get caught up and what better way to catch up than with this lovely couple. These are the type of weddings I LOVE doing. A young couple whom are high school sweethearts and have a lot of friends who LOVE to dance and have a good time. 

I can’t remember for sure how Liz & Jared found me or how we crossed paths, but I’m sure happy that we did and that they chose me to be their wedding DJ Entertainer. What can I say? wow what a beautiful wedding. Everything from the ceremony to the last dance was held right on site at Dunkled Acres (Weddings in the woods) in Jersey Shore, PA …. The nice thing about this location? No cell phone service… period. So these means no one was on social media or anything of the short but was packed on the dance floor all night.

I’ll be honest I was a little nervous when it started to rain for a little bit there but it quickly cleared up and the staff at Dunkled Acres worked hard to get everything ready to be set on time. Don’t they say that it’s good luck anyway if it rains on your special day?

The ceremony would take right outside of the barn doors. When Liz was about ready to walk down the aisle the doors would slide up and there she would appear, A great way to come in. When you seen them up at the front holding hands saying their vows, you could just feel the love from all around.

Shortly after we would start the reception and boy oh boy was it a fun night. The dance floor was packed!! everyone had a great time. We started off with personalized wedding party introductions which I loved as it gave each member of their wedding party a description such as Liz’s maid of honor Desirae whom is her partner in crime and has known her since the 7th grade or how about one of Jared groomsmen named Jett. It was because of him that they learned not to put six people on a fourwheeler all at once.

Of course we held the normal cake cutting, dollar dance, and bouquet and garter toss, but we also had a sparkler exit for our couple and played the ever popular song “Firework” by Katy Perry. We also held a group dance at the end of the night. Feel free to check out the photos on facebook by clicking the link below. Also check out the video on youtube. Please share with all your friends, comment & like away. Thanks Liz & Jared for having me.