Today on the blog I want to talk about this outdoor wedding that took place on the outskirts of Lewisburg, PA at Ard’s Farm. If you are unfamiliar with Ard’s farm its completely outdoors on a farm in the middle of a field… No power and everything was run off a huge generator. We had a good chance of afternoon thunderstorms which I was really nervous about

However, It turned out to be a great day. With a 65% chance of rain it held off to just be a few sprinkles of rain but nothing major … that and the sprinkles only lasted about 10 minutes. The thing that is great about all of this is that someone had to be watching over our beautiful couple. Derricks grandfather had recently passed away in January and I swear he had to be there in spirit with us because everything went so well. The rain missed us and went to Williamsport where we are based out of… I heard they had downpours.

For Lindsay & Derrick I had the pleasure of providing them services for both the reception as well as ceremony. For the ceremony we used our new completely mobile sound system. This system includes everything that runs off a big battery. The speaker, microphones, and everything that makes it work runs off a battery making this system setup completely mobile for wedding ceremonies. We provided music for our bridesmaids as well as our bride Lindsay. For Derrick… well we gave him a lapel microphone that was hidden on his shirt. Everything sounded so Crystal clear and everyone should of been able to hear the vows clearly.

For the reception portion I had the pleasure of working with Ard’s farm for the catering of dinner. Before dinner we held Derrick & Lindsay’s first dance as husband and wife, we had some toasts and a prayer then it was off to eat. directly after dinner we held the parent dances as well as cake cutting for our couple… everyone else had woopie pies.

Before we went ahead and did any more activities such as the bouquet & garter toss as well as dollar dance we had some “open dancing” some fast and slow songs. At one point we had the photographer took a big group shot of everyone on the dance floor. It was a pleasure working with Anna T. Photography to come up with some good shots. Make sure to check out some of her photos from the wedding on here facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/annatphoto?fref=ts

go directly to her website at: http://www.annatphotography.com/

While I’m no professional photographer or video guy at that much be sure to check out some of my photos as well as video I got below.