So far this year, I must say we’ve been pretty darn lucky! When doing anything outdoors (either wedding ceremony, reception, or both, you just never can predict the weather. For Lindsay & Davey’s wedding I don’t think you could of asked for a more beautiful day. Everything looked amazing. 

The decor was stylish, everything well laid out with plenty of space for an open dance floor (and speaking of open dance floor, we needed it) We had guest dancing all night from different types of genres all night. From dinner we played some classics to the special dances and into the night playing some new hits and throwbacks such as MmmmBop by Hanson.

The thing that really stood out to me at this wedding was the fact that last minute we had Davey’s best man can’t make the wedding due to an emergency within the family… but I was able to reach out to his best man and we did something very special. His best man was still able to give a toast to our newlyweds. He recorded a short video that was sent to me and then I sync’d it onto my ipad and gave Davey my ipad to play the toast back… technology at it’s finest right there if you ask me.

The night turned out special from the ceremony all the way to the end where they all set off chinese lanterns into the sky. Thanks Lindsay & Davey for having me apart of your special day. I wish you both nothing but love and happiness. Take a look at the photos and video below.

To view photos from the event: CLICK HERE