welcome to cody and kristine's wedding


Not all of my weddings are in town where my base location is. A lot of the times we travel a short distance such as for this wedding was about a 35 minute drive. Maybe it was the beautiful weather? Maybe it was just because there was so much love shared on this day? either way there was a lot of dancing!!! non-stop dancing that is. There was not a minute that the dance floor was not packed……

While I really love my job and working with all the many couples when planning weddings I really think this one hit hard for 2014. Not every wedding we entertain for has non-stop packed dancing and that is OK. Not everybody are dancers some like to sit back and socialize and enjoy this way BUT for this wedding Kristine & Cody had a great bunch of friends and family.

During what we like to call the cocktail hour I had the opportunity to go around to many guests and the tables and just talk and introduce myself. Maybe I need to do this more often? I think by me doing so I really made the guests feel comfortable with me as their DJ Entertainer. I would ask such guests questions like where they were from and what kind of connection they had with Kristine and Cody but the most important thing I did was I asked them what type of music do you love? what will make you dance? and what can I do to make your night special? maybe it was this that set the night off? (okay maybe the alcohol also helped LOL :P) we also had the opportunity to grab some “selfies” #kristineandcody

For this wedding I used a few tricks I’ve learned in the past from special training I received from conventions and countless books and DVDs I’ve watched on what I could do to improve my performance and I believe it paid off… did anyone notice that as soon as I introduced our newlyweds in the tent that I secretly passed the microphone over to our groom Cody? yep that was all secretly staged between me and our groom Cody but shhh you didn’t know that. So without any pauses and the “well what is next look on every ones face” our groom Cody took that microphone and thanked all of the guests for coming, told his wife Kristine how beautiful she was and that he would like to share his first dance with her. Talk about a smooth transition.

While I’m on the subject of being sneaky I’ll let you in on that  I recorded the wedding toasts. But you didn’t know that until later. During the dinner hour when everyone was enjoying food and each others company I was busy as work behind my booth taking bits and pieces of that toast and putting it over a song. This is what I like to call a voice over and I feel it really created some “love” for the day. It was something totally special. Everybody (I mean I wanted everybody) to get into a circle (OH NO THE DJ IS GOING TO MAKE US DO THE CHICKEN DANCE) …. WRONG! everybody put their arms around one another like instructed while our newlyweds stood in the center. I then played the song with the custom voice over. Want to hear it again? check it out below.

What  I really loved most about this wedding is it didn’t matter what type of music I played … They danced. Young and old everyone had a blast and was on the dance floor as music ranged from Pitbull- Don’t stop the party to Yackity Yack to Shout to wagon wheel to weezer and much more. Listen I think you get my drift when I say this wedding was off the chain… and if you don’t believe me then just check out the pictures and video below! Thanks Kristine and Cody for having me as your DJ Entertainer I wish you many many years of happiness.