IMG_5415Our first wedding of the season took place today in Lewisburg, PA about 25 minutes from our base location here in Williamsport. MixMaster Entertainment Services traveled down to the Silvermoon Banquet hall that Friday the day before the wedding to setup the very large room in what would accommodate over 200 guests of Cheryl & Bobby’s wedding. That Friday we spent about 3 hours setting up over 40 uplighting fixtures that would be seen around the room washing the walls in a purple and white light. We also setup 2 truss towers which would hold 3 par lights with purple gels on each. This would be aimed and used to wash the ceiling in a purple light… one of the wedding colors. To go from a plain room to uplighting it with over the 40 fixtures that we used is truly unique and amazing. It totally makes the room stand out. Also among this setup was 2 sub-woffers, and 4 main (highs) speakers to equally be heard throughout the room.

Upon having the parents of the newlyweds arrive I greeted them at the front door lobby area and asked them to patiently wait as they will be called into the room during the grand entrance during waiting I made them feel relaxed and took all belongings to their tables as well as got them any drinks they had wanted to keep them out in the lobby and feel relaxed like they didn’t have to worry about a thing. I knew they was all there to have a fun as they celebrated this special day and I wanted to do whatever I could to make their day enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

The bridal party came a bit later and once everyone hoped off the party bus we began to get everyone lined up. Now the way the Silvermoon banquet hall is setup they do not have a double set of doors instead since the room is vary large and the room can be spilt into many rooms they have single doors. If you can imagine trying to do a couples introductions though a single door just does not work out well. With my equipment being setup in the middle of the two doors I decided to do something different in which I ran by the bride Cheryl and she was okay with it. in the lobby on the one side we put all the Bridesmaids and on the other side all the groomsmen that way when I called to introduce the names of the couples one person (groomsmen) would come out the one door and one person (bridesmaid) would come out the other and then meet in the middle. This was truly some smart last minute thinking on my end and it turned out to be very successful.

After all the introductions was done we quickly went into a prayer and toasts. What no one knew was I secretly recorded the toasts in which I would use for a project while everyone was eating dinner. For this project I took “somewhere over the rainbow” and edited down clip-ed out and used certain parts of the toasts that would overlay the song. at just the perfect time in the night we gathered everyone into a big circle. I’m surprised on how large this circle was because when you normally tell people to get into a circle they think your going to do the chicken dance and they won’t get up and into the circle but I made it clear that Cheryl did not want the chicken dance and that this was something special. Once I started to play this everyone was in awe. The maid of honor came up to me afterwards and told me how amazing this was and never thought I would of done something like this. (I honestly think she started to cry) this recording will then be sent to Cheryl and Bobby (in fact Cheryl and Bobby if your reading this now you may want to go check your email inbox we just sent it over to you)

Thoughout the entire night there was a lot of dancing the floor was packed. Cheryl and Bobby also had a photo booth so guests could get their picture taken and memories could be made. All and all this was a sucessful start of the 2014 wedding season. I continue to wish Cheryl and Bobby happiness for the rest of their lives and want to personally thank them for having me Seth Michael from MixMaster Entertainment Services as their Entertainment DJ. Thank you all and check out the video and photos below.

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