Kristina & Ryan’s wedding ceremony and reception took place a top the mountain located at the Bastress Mountain Winery and while there was not very many people (0nly close friends and family) everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Events for this wedding took place both indoors and outside on the deck. This was the kind of wedding that was laid back and very how would you say peaceful! it was camping in the woods (without actually camping of course) surrounded by mother nature this turned out to be a beautiful wedding. Guests started to arrive around 12:45 and then everything seemed to follow from there. Kristina & Ryan did not technically have a wedding party, just a flower girl, ring bearer, matron of honor, and best man… really small but then at the same time it was not uptight it was a relaxed feeling. Shortly after 1 pm things took flight everyone was sitting on the deck waiting for the bride to come down the aisle. The music began and everything was underway. The ceremony was short, sweet and right to the point. I was so happy that this couple have chosen us  to also provide sound for the ceremony.

We put a hidden microphone on the groom so that when the pastor was talking and the bride and groom was saying there vowels to each other everyone in the audience could hear them speak! everything worked out so nicely.

For this wedding there really was no set timeline…. pretty much was laid back and when things took place they took place. After the ceremony and pictures were done we all gathered for a prayer and toast before dinner. afterwards you would like cake right? wrong…. Kristina and Ryan shared there first dance together as husband and wife all before cutting there cake. After the cake cutting we invited everyone up (since this was already a small wedding and not many were single) to come up for the bouquet and garter toss. This was more of a good luck charm. All and all this turned out to be a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding a top the mountain at the peaceful Bastress Mountain Winery. take a look at the pictures and video below.

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