Each and every weekend (or time that I DJ / Entertain) at a wedding, it’s almost like I’m going for a job interview. Yes you heard right. But how you may be wondering is that like a job interview??? Well I’m performing and I’m only as good as my last performance. Each weekend I’m in front of many many friends and family members of the bride and groom and you just never know who is watching….

This is how Mike & Kim found me, at a friends wedding that I DJ’d awhile back. Kim really liked how we had the dance floor poppin’ and contacted me later about DJing for her wedding after seeing me perform at that friends wedding. The thing with Kim & Mikes wedding is that we traveled all the way to Harrisburg, Pa about 2 hours South of where I’m based out of…. a nice little road trip that I enjoyed.

The wedding took place at City House Bed & Breakfast. Not a place you’d think to host a wedding but honestly it was a small, beautiful place that was just perfect for this time around. The yard was just big enough to fit in a tent and to also house a dance floor.

Kim & her friends that joined on the dance floor later in the night must of either had some good dance moves or practiced, the dance floor would stay full most of the night with songs ranging from old to new. Also we provided a custom monogram that projected on the side of the house later in the night… It really stood out and added that extra touch of personalization.

Check out the video and pictures below.