What’s better than a wedding? How about a wedding during the Christmas season? where everything is so warm, and beautifully decorated for the season. Not to mention we was also in a barn! This is exactly how John & Karrie’s wedding was. A warm yet very nicely done wedding that took place at The Barn at Boones Dam in Bloomsburg, PA. 

Now I have a secret to tell you… I have a love/hate relationship with this venue, it’s easily not one of my favorite venues due to the setup restraints they place upon the DJ. I love however how beautiful it can be for a wedding and the backdrop it provides. I now must warn you that I told John & Karrie when they hired me I prefer to work with an assistant when working this venue and they agreed it would be in our best interest, so this is when I brought along my assistant Sean who would help run audio and controls while I was down on the floor MCing.

John & Karrie provided their own photobooth (not ours) but nonetheless it was a fun experience for all in attendance. We also did a fun activity to give guests the chance to win their right to go to the buffet line and also did a “newlywed” style game where we sat our couple back to back as they answered the questions that best fit. We had some fun with guest dancing and enjoying the night with our couple. Check out video and pictures below.