Jasmin’s super sweet 16 was lit… blacklit that is! I always get excited when my clients choose to do a GLOW party theme because we were able to really make things glow! All the neon colors and blacklights went hand and hand to really make things stand out and pop

Not only did we provide the music but Jasmine also wanted the photobooth option so we brought out the photobooth which was a big hit for her, her friends and family. For the photostrips we put “Jaz’s sweet 16” with a funky font and neon colors that were sure to glow. DId I mention all the blacklights we brought out? lets just say it was A LOT! all high powered LED blacklights that we really bright! we also brought out some neon colored fabrics that were hung throughout the venue which made everything stand out.

Speaking of standing out, Jasmine had a neon colored cake that was splattered in different colors so when the blacklights hit the cake … it was sure to glow. All and all great fun party. Check out some photos below.