A beautiful day really helped play a awesome role in this outdoor wedding celebration! Both the ceremony and reception took place outdoors on a private location just outside of Hughesville, PA. I first meant Jalina during a consultation with another bride in which she was best friends with (one of her bridesmaids). She had asked me if I was free for a date just two weeks after the wedding we was currently planning. She explained to me that she basically was already married and that this would be the “true real wedding day” when they celebrated 3 years… let me explain…Jalina & James originally got married 3 years ago before he was deployed and served for our freedom in the US Army. This was the “true wedding” of their dreams where they would have all their friends and family there to watch and celebrate. In order to help explain the connection of the two they had decided to do a “love story” with us where we would film each of them at separate times and ask questions on how they meant and became to be.

Jalina & James did everything exactly 3 years from their original wedding date. This wedding happened to land on a Sunday which turned out to be a beautiful day for a ceremony and reception. We provided  a lot of different services for this day: ceremony music and sound, love story, and reception fun. Take a look at all the photos and videos below as well as “the love story”