What a beautiful day for Heidi & Aaron. I enjoyed connecting with this couple and enjoyed providing for them in every way possible. We provided ceremony audio as well as the photobooth and a little extra surprise is that Heidi is a horse trainer and while we didn’t have any horses at the wedding we did have her dog and a mechanical bull. Now wait you might be thinking mechanical bull? at a wedding? I thought the same thing but it was truly fun, unique and stood out from anything I ever did at a wedding. 

Most people don’t realize all that goes into a wedding, and everything that I help do. For starters when a couple hires me to provide ceremony audio, I also show up the night before to do the rehearsal. Heidi & Aaron are… should I say laid back? … to the fact they wanted a simple ceremony but only had a rough layout of how everything would be played out. I went ahead and helped take charge in coordinating the ceremony and flow of things. After all that’s what I’m paid to do right? Well maybe I went the extra mile on this one but it was totally worth it knowing I made the couple happy.

Apart from having the wedding at the beautiful Herman & Luther’s in Montoursville, they also had some beautiful flowers, and lots of sunshine that day to really make them shine. Take a look at some of the awesome photo shots we got below as well a short video.


Venue: Herman & Luthers

DJ/MC: MixMaster Entertainment Services

Cake: Bella’s Bliss

Photographer: Ali Hubbell Photography