We’ve been hard at work for this couple.. for nearly 2 years (possibly longer) we have been hard at work for Tanya & Jason to help create the perfect wedding reception that told a story about them. Tanya & Jason are big Pittsburgh Steelers fans so when we told them we could do a monogram projection that looked like the Steelers logo they were all excited. From there everything started to fall in place once I went over and gave them great ideas on what would make there special day really stand out. 

Typically when you go to a wedding you get the same old boring thing… “grand introductions” blah blah blah… ok enough of that… how about this: Tanya & Jason opted for one of my great ideas for the grand introductions… and that was having each person coming into one of there favorite songs or a song that described them such as the best man coming into “Badd to the bone”  😛 check out the video below to show you exactly what I mean!

Another awesome thing in which we did for the Bride and Groom was create a picture slideshow that was projected on a big 10 foot video screen so everyone could see it as the cocktail hour took place… oh and speaking of slideshow we also did a separate slideshow just for the groom… his mother had passed away and only had a few photos left of her for memories so we took the photos and put them to music and played that after dinner. Everyone watched and got a little emotional. Jason the groom got a little teary eyed and I knew just then that what we did for him was so powerful words can’t describe it. Jason & Tanya and the rest of the bridal party took a shot in remembrance of his long lost mother who could not be with us on this day.

The centerpieces on the tables was just so cute! Tanya & Jason both designed and made them up and we was able to give them away. In order to win one you had to take a stab at the trivia question Tanya & Jason came up with about themselves … this was hard for a lot of the guests as some answers was incorrect but we managed to pull threw and get all of our winners. We even posed for a picture.

instead of cake for all the guests the bride and groom decided to do cupcakes and would you believe it the icing was black and yellow!  (and a few other colors that went with the wedding but since it’s steelers themed you know I had to go there) When it came time to cutting the cake Tanya & Jason had there own wedding cake complete with a topper of the bride and groom (Pittsburgh Steelers) (see picture below) Jason took and hid a cupcake behind his back in his hand (Tanya had no idea) and when they cut the cake and was prompted by the countdown of 3, 2, 1… bam the bride and groom both battled it out for the touchdown victory! there was no  penalty flag here.

Speaking of penalty flag when it came time to remove the garter from Tanya’s leg Jason got thrown the penalty flag for legal use of hands… LOL! and for the tossing of the Bouquet we used the song “Steelers Ladies” rather than “Single Ladies” oh and one last thing for the garter toss Jason & Tanya autographed a Steelers football with there wedding date on it put the “Steelers garter” around it and we then played the NFL football theme as Jason tossed back the garter… wow what a fun idea that was !

all and all Tanya & Jason’s wedding was a success. please check out the video and pictures below and check out our facebook page for more. comment, like, and share with your friends and let them know how much different your wedding can be… do you want it to be plain and same old same old or do you want it like Tanya & Jasons… out of the ordinary, fun and enjoyable.

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