Monogram     I grew up with Loren & Luke and while we did not “hangout” we went and attended school together and I’m happy to see that they finally got married. Loren & Luke are a very cute couple and Luke’s smile makes anyone who is having a bad day happy. Loren planed this wedding all while she was taking on two majors in college plus a job which she landed right after graduating. This fall outdoor wedding was beautiful!!!! For starters Loren arrived in a stretch limo and upon walking down the aisle the pastor told a love story of the couple and how they meant, it was very personable and loving. In total the ceremony itself lasted almost 40 minutes. After the I Do’s and the pictures we lined up the bridal party outside the tent for what was about to take place: The customized wedding music introductions. Some of which danced and did some good moves. From the introductions to open dancing we kept the events flowing. Before dinner we had people bring up random objects in order to win their way to the buffet line. The best man then gave an very emotional but very well said good speech that was heartfelt. Loren & Luke cut their wedding cake all before going on a hayride with the bridal party and having all the special dances. upon returning from the hayride Loren & Luke shared their first wedding dance followed by special dances with their parents and then the bridal party all came up with the newlyweds to do the “cupid shuffle” and “cha cha slide” in which all guests was invited to come join in. One of the groomsmen from the wedding party happened to be very talented… He wanted to sing a song and well we let him and was impressed. We got out the highs and mids to overall take out as much original vocals as possible so we could only here the instrumental of the song. The groomsmen sung. Neil Diamonds- Sweet Caroline We had some good fights when it came time to the bouquet and garter toss! and Luke put on a good “milkshake” to get all the boys to the yard. Loren had all the girls par take in a “girl fight” All and all this was a very fun and pumped up beautiful wedding. Check out the pictures and video below for more high lights of the evening. I wish Loren & Luke all the best in their new life together as husband and wife.

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