When it came to Eve & Tristan’s wedding they wanted the music to be different. Instead of playing the traditional music you hear at almost every wedding, you know like the love shack, etc etc they were actually put on a do not play list. Instead we had older music and a variety of it… Stuff that was popular but not as popular as some of the other stuff. At times we had a big group of dancers. Other times people sat back and just enjoyed themselves and the music.

Eve & Tristan added a nice cozy warm feeling to the venue… with pine trees that were lit up… no not christmas even though they might have been small christmas trees, it was more of a forest type look that made you feel warm and cozy inside. We also had a open seating plan which for me is rare.. besides of course the head table and parent tables that is. There is so much you can do with the caldwell it everything looked amazing. Check out the photos and video highlight below.