IMG_0456 A beautiful winter wedding took place today at Ponduce Farms in Elysburg, PA… Just a little over an hour drive from Williamsport based DJ Entertainer Seth Michael with MixMaster Entertainment Services. It was a dream day for the bride and groom because it SNOWED!! a true winter wedding. It started to snow really early in the morning covering the roads which made travel conditions slick but everyone fought it out and came to the wedding of thier dreams. The heavest part of the storm was during the wedding reception so we didn’t have to worry too much about the snow until the guests had to depart and go home. Jason & Ericas wedding colors consisted of blue and sliver. What we did to really make this room sparkle is we added in some uplighting to the head table to make the beautiful bridesmaids and sharp looking groomsmen stand out with blue and silver (white) looking uplights that washed the wall near the head table. (look at the photos below). After we had gotten the basic introductions, dinner, and toasts out of the way (which we secertly recorded) Erica & Jason shared a 1st dance together as husband and wife… shortly after we had everyone in the room up on the dancefloorfor special song that had meaning to the couple. The song was by Jason Mraz called “I won’t give up”. We spaced out the events evenly so that everyone had a chance to mingle before having to leave. Most people stuck it out and did not leave early but few had to leave because of the unforseen snow storm. We included events such as a anniversary dance finding out who was married the longest then having them share words of wisdom to our newlyweds. From the dollar dance to boquet and garter toss the energy level was high and kept it there for most of the night. Remember how I said we secertly recorded the toasts? well during dinner after it was recorded we secertly went into “editing mode” while the dinner music was playing we had a second computer on had to specially edit the toasts in which we put over the a slow song later that evening. We gathered everyone up in a round circle putting arms around each other (like a big family) with the bride and groom in the middle of that circle we started to play “KC & JOJO-All my life” and just as the song started the voice of the best man when he made his toast came over the intro of the song saying important and meanful parts of his speech. Erica & Jason both had started to show emotions and shed tears of joy knowing that this was the best day of their lifes. It was truly as always a pleasure to work with wedding couples such as Jason & Erica. I wish them both many years of happiness. Make sure you check out the photos below and video too all the way at the bottom.

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