Taking place at the beautiful Acacia Club in Downtown Williamsport. Bob first contacted me asking to do a customized wedding monogram for their wedding. Also while talking with him he mentioned “dancing on the clouds” but his bride would have no idea about this… he wanted to truly surprise her with such a beautiful add on to really set the mood for the wedding. Bob & Teanne already had a wedding DJ that brought uplighting to the event which made the room sparkle and with us adding in the customized monogram and dancing on the clouds this truly made this wedding the best ever for Bob & Teanne. The best part about the dancing on the clouds was that we almost made the bride start to cry… cry with tears of joy and happiness that is. When you think of a DJ you may think of a person who plays music correct? well we are truly more than a DJ or DJ Service… we are a full Entertainment production company offering such services as this: Dancing on the clouds, customized monograms and so much more. Take a look at the photos and video below of this special night

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