Taking place at the beautiful Holiday Inn in Downtown Williamsport, Staci & Doug wanted their reception to start off smooth but then jump up to be as though we was in the club, playing music for every type of person. In order to help raise the energy level we opted to do custom sound clips for each introduction which not only was fun but also helped to set the mood of all the guests (you can hear them hootin’ in the background.) After our introductions the newlyweds took the floor to dance together as husband and wife for the first time before dinner.

At any given wedding most guest will tap on the glasses in order for the couple to kiss… but not in this case. People had to stand up and sing or rap a song in order for the couples to kiss. (even then some people wanted to tap on the glasses but guess what it didn’t work.) After dinner you know we had to have some cake! Staci & Doug cut their cake after dinner right before dancing with their parents. What also made this wedding different is they choose to do an anniversary dance with all the married couples in which we invited to the dance floor. We slowly got rid of couples that was married 5, 10, 25, 30+ years and found out the longest married couple just celebrated 60 years of marriage in which they shared some words of wisdom.

Staci & Doug wanted to space things out just a tad so they was not rushed. Even though we was running just a tad behind schedule we stuck to what they wanted by spacing out the dollar dance and bouquet and garter toss. After our anniversary dance and in between the other activities we shared the dance floor for open dancing in which most everyone got up and packed the floor the entire night!  After seeing that everyone was having a blast Staci’s parents asked us to stay and extra hour so everyone could continue to have a blast. All and all this was a very fun and upbeat wedding. check out the photos and video below.

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