To help celebrate the graduation of middle school and going off to high school next year the Curtin Middle School PTO decided to put on a 8th grade masquerade dance for there 8th graders. Some of the students helped to decorate the whole cafe and turned it into a nice themed event. Students had been told to create there own “Masquerade Masks” and they would be judged on the prettiest, ugliest, and most creative masks for a chance to win a gift card. The three gift cards was for $10 at Swirly’s ice cream! (talk about a sweet treat) … oh and speaking of treats there was PIZZA! and SODA! for all the students and also a few snacks. Students had alot of fun with DJ Seth Michael mixing in the tunes. We had the teachers dancing to the cupid shuffle and more! We even shot a harlem shake video! check out the photos and video below (coming soon)

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