When I come across couples such as Crystal & Kevin, I get excited for them. I originally meant them while showcasing my business at a wedding expo that was actually held at their venue, The Watson Inn. I’m honestly not sure who was more excited Me, Crystal or Kevin. I’m so glad however that Kevin our groom got involved with the wedding planning.  We was able to add some options that really touched on the feel of everything… the personalization. We had uplighting, dancing on the cloud, and also three separate picture slideshows that we would play during each special dance (1st dance, bride & father dance, groom & mother dance) also Crystal & Kevin both surprised each other. How? well since Crystal & Kevin was writing their own vows I was able to have them secretly record them with me without having them know that each other was doing so. We then edited them down and placed bits overtop of their first dance song.

We also had a family member of Crystal’s that could not make the message so we reached out and she had a little something to say…. check it out below.

While there may not have been a lot of people (mostly close friends and family) and while there may not have been a big packed dancefloor all night that is not really what matters here. What matters is the touch of personalization and all the fun that the people who were in attendance. Take a look at the photos by clicking the link below. Also you can check out the recap video below.


Special Toast Dance:

Special message from a guest who couldn’t attend:

Venue: The Watson Inn

Photographer: ANH Photography and Design