IMG_3431I’ll be the first one to tell you that planning a wedding is not an easy task. There is much to do and its only harder if your planning a wedding from out of town, and that’s exactly what Chris & Amber were faced with. Our couple being from Maryland had access to our online event planning suite via our website which I hope helped them a great deal. A week before their wedding they came up to the area and we meant and finalized their wedding plansChris and Amber had some really great ideas that would add to the “love factor” in the room… by “love factor” I mean the warm fuzzy feeling that you get inside when a special moment happens. I really believe we created that feeling tonight. From the first dances and toasts to the open dancing I believe everyone had a blast.

Our couple not only hired me to take apart in the reception but also for the ceremony as well. For the ceremony I always wear a microphone on our groom so that it will pick up not only our groom but our bride and the person who will be marring the couple. Of course you know I have to record everything that comes over that microphone, so I did. I was able to then use the vows that the couple said to each other in there first dance song.

For the father/daughter dance when Amber meant with me the week before the wedding we recorded her special message to her dad. I added this message to their song that they would dance to. Now the father of Amber is blind and can not see but let me tell you something when he heard his daughters voice over their song he began to cry. I don’t believe he was crying because he was sad but he was crying tears of happiness and joy knowing that Amber found the perfect man to spend her life with.

You know what I love most about my job? Its making people happy and helping to create that warm fuzzy feeling. I think I was able to do that when I got all of their family and friends into a big circle and as they put there arms around one another and sung along to “friends in low places” A lot of dancing took place pretty much their after and time went by pretty quickly. For our last song of the night we did something special for the best man. (the best man who is the brother of Chris) serves in the air force and will soon be deployed so we ended the night on “god bless the USA” thanks for defending our freedom! Check out the videos, pictures, and audio samples below.