IMG_3376This wedding had me doing all sorts of activities but in the end it was an awesome day for Cheyenne & Ashley. A wedding celebration that took place at The Country Club in Eaglesmere, PA (a small wooded town) in Sullivan County. From the wedding ceremony on site (which we ran audio for) to the reception games and more. Ever go to a wedding that has a lot of kids of attendance? Maybe not, or Maybe so but for this wedding we had a handful of kids. Now what do you do with all the kids? For me I like to interact and get them involved as well. We played a few games such as the limbo for dinner we also dismissed tables using the “random objects game” heck they even had a photo-booth on site. Another fun part of this wedding was the custom song introductions that we did.

I almost forgot to mention how much I love the food at the country club. Freshly grilled in front of you for this celebration. The dessert was cupcakes… filled cupcakes!! The best ever. Most family and friends hung around after all the activities to socialize and have fun. The dance floor always had someone on it. Check out the photos below and also watch the video. Fill free to share and like or comment.