Shanee’s Sweet 16 | GLOW PARTY | Williamsport, PA


This party is going down in the books as one of the best concepts I’ve done with a Sweet 16 in along time. I had a blast working with Shanee, Her mom and dad to create a super sweet 16 GLOW party. I say GLOW in caps because we did just that. We made it GLOW with UV black lights and fabric hung throughout that had glow in the dark paint that read things like Sweet 16, etc. 

Surprise Birthday Party | The Tower Cafe | Williamsport


Some of the best type of events is when you make a lasting impression. The type of impression that when your “clients” become more than just “clients” but “friends” a least thats what I always try to do here, because I want people to know I’m the type of person that is passionate about what I do. I love to personalize each and every event that I do… big or small. You might remember if you look back upon my blogs from not too long ago that I Entertained for Jame’s wedding.