One of the many things I love about my job and what I do is the interactions I spend with people. I really felt at home with Steve & Caitlyn’s family. Everyone so nice, so easy to get along with and able to share ideas. This not only makes my job more enjoyable but also very exciting.. because this blog is all about excitement and doing special things. 

The night before the wedding I traveled up to the State College area to do the rehearsal and start to get things ready and set… and by ready and set I do mean I had to meet with the firework guy that was to be a huge surprise to our couple at night when about 600 rounds of fireworks would go off to end the night. We had a bunch of surprises for our couple… I even believe Steve the groom had a few surprises as well.

The whole wedding would take place on private property owned by the grand parents of Caitlyn. The ceremony out front of the neighbors yard and reception around back. When it came time to do the reception introductions we had came up with personalizing for each person. Introductions were done in forms of teams so representing team Caitlyn our bride and then team Steve our groom. I believe that personalizing the introductions made it more genuine and unique when I would introduced each person.

Steve on his first dance with Caitlyn would do something special, He pulled out a rose of his suit jacket to give to Caitlyn… I believe its just the small touches that really can have the most impact on things. While I’m on the subject of surprises and special touches I even had Caitlyn’s mom do something special. I recorded her voice and dedicated a song with a special message inside to Caitlyn… talk about creating that special moment.

The end of the night would consist of a special fireworks show that was a total surprise to our couple. Caitlyn always had been involved and loved fireworks since she was a little girl and her wish came true to have fireworks on her wedding day. Take a look at some of the photos I got and a video recap of the night. Thanks Steve & Caitlyn for having me apart of your special day. All the planning we did to make your day special had me grow a lasting friendship with you and your family. Best wishes to your future.

Special Group Dance at end:

A song to Caitlyn:

For photos from the wedding please CLICK HERE!!