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What a beautiful day this turned out to be!! I loved working this wedding because of all the personalization  I was able to pull off… it wasn’t easy but the end results were amazing. The guest seemed to have a blast dancing the night away all the way up to including the end of the night. 

The wedding was held at the beautiful Pine Barn Inn located in Danville, PA. The venue really looked nice on how it was decorated and guest tables was set up differently that what I would have expected them to be…. None the less everything really showed. Guests would start to arrive from Mountain Top where the ceremony took place and could choose between inside or outside for the cocktails. I was able to run two sound systems one inside for guests who wanted to be in the ballroom and one outside for guests that wanted to be at the outside bar and patio.

When I work a wedding I try always to keep the focus on the bride and groom. Creating special moments is the talent behind all of this and you tend to start to feel the love.. or a least I did when I seen that Barry pulled out a rose to give to Breanne during their first dance and also during his dance with his mother. From the introductions into the grand ballroom Barry took my microphone and thanked all his guests for coming to the wedding. He then asked his now wife for their first dance… now tell me that ain’t powerful…. coming from me is okay but coming from the groom? now that’s magical.

After we got through dinner and some activities, we would open up the dance floor. It was a smash hit on how exactly we opened up the dance floor… our wedding party danced to “Sugarhill Gang’s- Apache (Jump on it)” after the first part of the song they would then go off the dance floor and grab random guests to join them. This was instantly a huge hit and got our floor PACKED!

I can’t tell you how many songs I played but I honestly ran out of time… There was so much more I wanted to play but time did not allow for that…. However. Breanne & Barry had something special in mind for the ending. Of course I had to have a group dance to “Friends in low places” but after that we had all the guests go outside and grab these long sparklers. Once lit our couple would come out to Katy Perry’s Firework song. It was nice being able to do this with our wireless battery powered small speaker we had… and the best part the couple wasn’t expecting me to stay for this portion of the night. It was never in our wedding plans but once I heard about it I knew I had to help create that special moment. You see that’s what weddings are all about. For me to create special moments puts a smile on my face knowing I made their day!

Take a look at the photos on our facebook page and check out the video recap below. Thanks!

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