On a day that was suppose to rain ended up being just cloudy but cold, but that did not stop the many friends and family that came out to celebrate with Tony & Tess on their special day they all bundled up as we held the ceremony outside on the lawn. We had such a blast from beginning to end and communication was key. The amount of planning involved and timely communication made by Tess & Tony was simply amazing. While this is not my favorite location to play at and I didn’t know how it would turn out I believe this time around I made a damn good impression and had a blast. I first made sure as always to arrive a little early. I had plenty of time to setup and figure out how it would be best for setup. We had a lot to setup as well from the ceremony outside on the lawn to the reception portion inside. A customized monogram that was well completely customized. Using our catalog we picked out a simple design but made a few changes that was not in the catalog which made this monogram truly unique.

The dancing on the clouds for this reception was simply amazing! I believe that our couple will have beautiful wedding photos from their photographer…. for the photos below of the cloud dance well I’m simply not a photographer… I’ll stick to DJing but there are some photos for you to “get the point”

Whenever I’m providing entertainment for a wedding it seems for dinner its always the same but not for Tony & Tess they actually had a few different options one of which included one of my favorite lasagna. We had some amazing toasts also for our newlyweds. Now for the toasts a secretly recorded them in which I would later edit down and put over a long that would be used in a group dance. The results= simply amazing.

The dancing did not stop! I believe the dance floor was packed most of the night and even when it did “slow down” towards the end of the night there was still someone always on that dance floor there was no dual moments here. Check out the video footage as well as photos below… oh and of course check out that secret special group dance. Thanks again Tony & Tess for having me for your special day!! Congratulations and best wishes on your future.