We here at MixMaster Entertainment Services don’t just DJ/Entertain but we also provide live sound! Today was one of them days where we provided live sound, and music for the Billtown Fit Classic & Strongman Show located at The Scottish Rite Theater in beautiful Downtown Williamsport. This happened to be an all day show with different events inside and out starting in the morning.

The team at Billtown Fit Classic worked hard day and night on this project for months before the show obtaining permits from the city in order to block off the road between market and mulberry streets. We had to block off the road in order to use part of the street to pull a 34,000 lb FIRE TRUCK! (for the men) and for the women they had to pull a heavy duty truck with a car on a trailer attached. We also got to see them lift the car and much more other awesome fun stuff.

Inside at the night show the contestants came out on stage and posed and did some moved to special music they picked out. Judges payed special attention to detail and tallied up all the results after intermission where we had an awards ceremony. Trophies was given out according to divisions. If you missed this show you simply missed a really good show! but just in case you couldn’t come well check out the photos and videos below.

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